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PostSubject: CeaseFire!   CeaseFire! Icon_minitimeWed Aug 15, 2012 1:00 am

I already had a discussion with YISHAY. He will abide with Rule number 5 but we will grant him peace in PK Areas.

He left guild because he doesnt feel good being with ex-Silentz and some new people around.

RainbowDash will be reaccepted back in guild because it was my fault she left for certain reasons, I am exempting her situation in Rule number 5., she will be reaccepted without suspension.

As for Yagamilighto, he will be reaccepted also because it is my will for him to leave guild.

I hereby announce that PK with YISHAY will not be allowed unless reataliation is necessary.
e.g. YISHAY killed A, A can kill him once, and so on.

In Addition, I will consider to bring some PK. Please wait for further announcements.
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