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 Rule Number 3 (Anti-Rebellion/Emo)

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Rule Number 3 (Anti-Rebellion/Emo) Empty
PostSubject: Rule Number 3 (Anti-Rebellion/Emo)   Rule Number 3 (Anti-Rebellion/Emo) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 13, 2012 6:17 am

This Rule is for those who keeps leaving guild due to certain reasons which results in drama, and for the Emo people which can cause the same.

1. Whoever leaves guild for any reason at all will be forfeited all Anonimity privileges.
e.g. BD Share/DW Share/Alliance

2. Anybody who makes a new guild or joined other guilds except for Rydym without permission from Guild Leaders would be banned from Anonimity for 2 months depending on severity of the case.

3. Anyone who gets carried away by their emotions leading into bad arguments/flames/hurt inside guild will be penalized 2 weeks kick from Anonimity or until the case is resolved.
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Rule Number 3 (Anti-Rebellion/Emo)
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