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 A conflict in Advocates

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A conflict in Advocates Empty
PostSubject: A conflict in Advocates   A conflict in Advocates Icon_minitimeWed Jul 11, 2012 5:18 am

Here is a preview on Advocates guild about the kraken kill yesterday.

Quote :

Post Pur3Ambition on Mon 9 Jul 2012 - 18:06
Hello brothers and sisters of Advocates,
Me, Stone and JFK all need to kill the kracken for RB and really need you guys/gals help. I understand that the kracken is a very very very annoying and tedious task but we cannot do it without your help. Its been over 3 weeks since we all last attempted to kill kracken and i would like for us to try again today and tomorrow. Immediately after making this post i will head to kracken and yur all welcome, so help yourself to some of its 2million hp points; every last melee helps. Personally i need RB because i quit the crus class and want to change to SS and have already sold my eq's. I am unable to do anything in game until i complete RB and change classes. I understand my ship isnt lv 100 but if we have enough helpers it shouldnt matter. From now on i will make the kracken my main priority so i will constantly need help, whether its with a taxi from entrance to kracken to dock or actual help at kracken itself everything is GREATLY appreciated.


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Post Pur3Ambition Today at 3:46
Wow guys me and snickers were online for 16 straight hours yesterday and were trying to get people to go kraccken we even asked 711 to taxi just the two of us. As soon as we get off and go to sleep many of you guys decide to go and kill kracken without us. I find that i bit disrepectful ecause for a while it seemed like me and him were the only ones actually trying to get people to kill the kracken. I practically solo'd the kracken for 6 straight hours and nickers for 4. I am awfully disappointed to you guys would do this and am greatly offened. If i am inactive for a few days you guys know why, I need to blow off some steem. That is all.


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can you provide screenshot please?

Post Admin Today at 15:59
that's too bad.. i helped people kill kraken yesterday and even told them it's their kraken so their right to choose who to pt.... Anyway, i arrived there when it was 30% and all i thought about was helping these people who i think killed it to 30%.

If you have any proof that you lowered this kraken hp down to even 90%, please post so BW can do disciplinary actions for these people and so will I, since they still need to kill BD and DW bosses.

Until this problem is settled, no Advocates or DI will be allowed to finish their rb.


Due to this circumstance, I am not allowing those who got kill yesterday until this case is settled.
Thanks for your cooperation.
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A conflict in Advocates
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