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 Reply To iEphy`s Post That has been deleted!

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PostSubject: Reply To iEphy`s Post That has been deleted!   Wed Nov 14, 2012 6:52 pm

Yeah,it was 3 Years ago more or less.I was Newb back then until now Im still newb as I can say.I meet this one player from Malaysia name SilverClaimer.He was so helpful and friendly to teach me things and how able to play here in TOP.And btw, He was my Mentor. He was the one who teach me a lot of things before YOU did Ephy.
He was later then introduce me to Ephy.He was asking me to join and help in their Club.(SilverClaimer and Ephyras Club)Although I told Him I dont even know what to do cuz I just newly play TOP.Since then FRIENDSHIP grown for the 3 of us.At First I was Uncomfortable getting in Club without giving something so I ask You both If I need to pay some bags but You said NO NEED.So What I earn at the Club I save it to buy better EQ.SilverClaimer was still helping me what I need to Buy.I able to Buy things because of the Club and I was THANKFUL to that.

Months Passby You let me use Your SM in DS . I really look up to You cuz You were very Pro in Different Character.I was not use in Bolt ,Insigna cuz my First Char was Voyager and the Name was "Rolane" btw. So I decided to make an SM to experience other Character.Before I was fond in Watching Anime as mostly others do.This Anime name was "Shakugan No Shana".So I decided to get my Name there "SHANA" but unluckily theres somebody name Shana so I decided to think of another name.Ah!You mention SilverClaimer`s Voyager was name HAZZY and You thought I get the name their HAZE. But If you Only Watch the Anime you would know what HAZE means "Her Necklace name "The Flaming Haze".Thats how I get My Char Name "ShanaHaze".You Thought wrong that I like SilverClaimer although I looked up him like an Older Brother,You must know that cuz u know my Family History .I dont have a Brother.As You and SilverClaimer got argued who did I stayed to?I did choose You.I didnt speak to My mentor SilverClaimer cuz you told me he do bad things although was his fault was FALLING to the GIRL you hate in your Guild in DS name YUKI.You hated Hidan too cuz of her.i was there to comfort you cuz I thought Staying by yourside when your EMO was right ,although I dont said anything or any words to comfort you.But I still stayed.You Argue SilverClaimer till he QUIT.I was sad that time cuz he was my freind too but what could I do.I was in between You and Him.He was gone and Your thet Only One I know here.But Sad to say to got too many Friends than me that yopu forgot to talk to me .I was not able to know that you Quit for sometime I only know as You Started to Give Your Things AWAY .You give me Az Light but I told You Ill kept it till Your Back .And I plead you not to Quit.But You were gone and I was Left Alone.
So I started to get Acquinted to other people.I get to know RYOMA.Yeah we got to know to each other until we got into so called in game BF-GF thing.We didint last long.Yes,I dont deny it that I did Meet Him 2 but it was not a plan.It was just Accident that my Sis from Germany was coming Home and like to see The Place where Ryoma live.We dont know anything to that place so I told him We could meet and He can Tour me and my Sis.And to tell you I dont have either Money to pay the Flight it was my Sis having her Vacation in the Philippines.

Our Communication was broken ,cuz You did Quit.And I feel that I was not even worthy for you as a FRIEND cuz you didnt even told me that You quitted.
At first I was telling you what was new things happening to me.That I was making RYOMA jealous in becoming as a so called FAKE Relationship to Inan.But I have things back in my mind why would i tell you more If you even dont even tell me what was new things about you.I only felt You only talk to me if you dont HAVE OTHER PERSON to talk to.

Yes,at first I told you that was his Aunts Kids.But who cares its only a Game .I dont take it Personal.And I think its Inans Personal Life so I dont like to tell other people,personal life to others cause its nothing to do on this Game.As the second time around you ask me.Inan was there and I ask his permission what should I tell ....so that is how I told you that he got 2 Sons.I dont like telling other People Personal life ,If they tell me then its Safe from me .And I can Assure that Im not telling it to other people.If they told me about thier Personal Life, fine for me but Im not forcing others to tell me thier Personal Life cuz it has anyway nothing to do in this Game. So Its my decision who I choose to tell things Personal or important to me aside this Game.Dont tell me that Im a Liar its only I dont tell other people behind their back.I always go other way not to argue with you,cuz Im sad thinking what did happen to that so called FRIENDSHIP before.By the way Inan is not MARRIED his only living in the same house with the Mother of his 2 Kids.You can ask him If you like.And you will know too if they Married if they got the same Family Name.

About Our Alt I think we can put what we like to put cuz thats our Char Its not Yours. The only thing is You always STALKED US whereever we go.At first You was using Your Alt but Now Your really using Your Alt that I really know from the very beggining.What Me And Inan have is only close Friends If we AFK together then who cares its only a Game.You cant even touch the skin of that Char,Am I right?And I dont think theres something Malicious on it.He is Allowed to pilot my Char too.So how you can know I was there as You make the screenie??Ephy to tell you the Truth I got better things to do in REAL Life than the Game.Got Things to handle in my Age that I dont even know If I make things right.If I may not been able to play PRO as you would like me to do.Sorry I tell you now I cant, cuz I barely play and mostly Im Afk if Im online.And If You see me in BD .Im too much lag that I dont even see BD or I click the wrong button.Im trying to do what in guildmember must do but my Net would not let me.

Sorry If I cause you so much Pain but Please dont make Stupid things to ruin Inan`s Real Life .You dont know him.He Only hope in Game To make Money.

I think I said my side.Yes Im THANKFUL who all VOTED me.And All for the People who teach me in this Game.I only now REALIZE how could A game HURT So much.

Thanks ,I hope I write that All of the Guodmates Understand What I write.

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PostSubject: Re: Reply To iEphy`s Post That has been deleted!   Wed Nov 14, 2012 9:41 pm

first of all, if someone dont want to reveal information, you dont lie about that but say you cant tell it. and dont trying to be looking innocent now coz u had alot of time to explain to me why u lied alot back then. u dont just lied to me about Inan. u even lied about nyle and all. when i was trying to get explaination from u, u give me damn bitter answers. our communication never broke jelzy and u know it. i was always there in facebook if u leave me msg to talk to me. and i did that too. things broke after i tried get explaination of who Inan is. who ruining Inan btw? if you doing fake relationship, you would already erase all S2 in all alts. not just your main char. if u think of Inan's good, u wont do it anymore and just be like others-friends. funny that u call it fake and deny here and there while there is obvious thing written on ur motto. sure this is a game but u urself got affected by so-called game. u faking of what u say fake now. if u know people dont like it, why u continuing doing those stuff? get my point here, it is not about how people addressing you both but it is about ACTION SPEAK LOUDER rather than u just say "it is a game" while continuing whatever u doing. so think again, who ruining who this time?

and for Inan is married or not, both of us know what does it mean when i ask if he married or not. whether it is legally married or just living together, he got a wife, a life soulmate and thats it. dont twist please. the thing i was asking was straight and direct. u still wanna cover up ur lies isnt it?

and about Ryoma that u tried making him jealous. that time, i was not quit yet. so dont come tell me communication broke and u cant tell me whatever u trying to do. u were always come to me to tell ur sad or happy. u share every problems to me before and now u trying to say relationship with Inan is just fake to make Ryoma jealous while u ditch me up?

u think all those time i talk to u because no one i can talk to? is that really what u think of me? damn jelzy, i never thought u would be like now. and as for silveryclaimer, u know why he quit. it wasnt me that he quit for. u know all those case about Yuki before. he himself never expected to be played on his on real life friend even being warned by me many times. so dont pretend u dunno about it and putting blame on me. and nope, it was not my idea that u flirt to him. it was HIM who come to tell me many times u did that and he will ignore u till u guys had fights. and u also end up even to block him up in facebook. i just smile when he said u flirt him. u know why? i have nothing against with both of u. if u really get in relationship, then i pray for the best for u. besides, Hazzy was sad alot of his ex, getting new one will be good for him. so the reason behind to tell here that u flirt him was not for making u look bad as flirter. i was trying to point out that both of u SINGLE and that is actually good. about ur name Haze prefix, for god damn sake, i asked u, is that coming from someone i know coz i think i know silveryclaimer's voy. then u answer me, "XD". so u tell me, that means no or yes? i took that as yes since it look as if u blushing.

sure i stalked u. but there is nothing to be afraid of from JUST A GAME like u said. if it comes from ur own view, there is nothing to be afraid of from someone who just placing alt near u. i use recognized alts or not, does not matter by the way. i use all alts that i log that time. and besides, usually those who stalk in real life actually either to murder or liking too much victim. does the stalking in game will making u die? no. i place my alts everywhere btw. i even place my alts at mouji afk place. like i said again, only u would tele away coz u know the screenshot of it would bring trouble to Inan. lol u wanna say i have no life right? i find it is like a game. to place alts and loot coins. do i have to stare all the time to my char to get coins? no lol when i come to play game, it is the time i really free if not i would be busy on my worksheets. u see urself i come active for one week and then go inactive for like months.

sure i dunno Inan. and thats how u take advantage of it to lie about him to me. i take ur words bluntly and i trusted u all with my hearts before. i never expected this would u return to me. if u were really my closed friend, why dont u introduce me to Inan and let us know each other better instead of making me puzzle and heartache like this?

and you know what? all this posts actually better if u ever come to me and try to talk to me like Shanatiff did. I respect Shanatiff for that for coming confront me telling what she dont like and what is best for me. u had a very long time to do that and it never happened. why? dont come pointing at me as i was already tried to make contact with u but end up getting blocked from ur facebook.

To Shanatiff again, i did as per ur request and i took ur advices before to delete the post. and i was actually expected ShanaHaze to come to me personally to talk about it. so yea, lol it goes forum also afterall.
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PostSubject: Re: Reply To iEphy`s Post That has been deleted!   Thu Nov 15, 2012 9:52 am

Before I will start to Reply.I would like to Apologize to Hidan that his name was being mention in my 1st Post, again My Apology.

First thing Ephy, After that you quitted the game and barely talk to me ,things went different.I felt that time not worth to be your Friend.That`s why as you comeback .I have this feelings I dont owe you ANY Explanations of whatsoever and Im not playing Innocent .If I didnt give You directly the answers what you wanted to hear is that,Its my choice not to give you more Information about me cuz its my LIFE right and my choice to whom I give more from me.You write that Our Communication didnt broke up, but you did know I was too busy that time to get Online in game and to FB that I dont even got time to play.And please dont drag peoples char name like nyle that you barely talk to her once as you able to buy Imps from her.

If I may have S2 in my alts in the Info ,Isnt it my right to write anything I like cuz its my Char anyway and again not Yours. I was not aware that its not ALLOWED to write anything you like in your Char, whatever Info you like. And I dont know what your Talking about Motto but If you mean the Navy Guild please go directly to whomever that Guild owns and ask to change it If it not fits to your taste.

I will not give Details anything here about Inan cuz I dont like to drag him more to this Issue.If You say ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER, What about it?Isnt it not allowed to have a close friend here?You know since I was left alone here and got misunderstanding to my on game Bf .Only Inan was there to talk to.He knew that I was planning to quit long time ago but he talk to me nicely to stay.Thats all I can say and dont make so much Interpretation of whatever you see cuz you DONT KNOW ANYTHING about me anymore.And I have the right to choose if I decide to tell you anything or not.

Again ,I will not tell more Details about Inan`s private life cuz he suffer so much already as what you always send in her FB.And I dont cover anything here.Its only I have a so called PRIVATE and sad to say I dont want you to be a Part of it.

If SilverClaimer got another Interpretation to my behavior that he thinks like that sadly he thought wrong.And about the arguments you dont even know deeper what was the Isssue behind on it.And please If you ask me that time that I only smile dont make it a big deal dont conclude whatever answer you would like.I was not making a big deal about it cuz I thought that Anime was well known and you know it.Its my bad I conclude that you know that anime.

Yeah, you said You only STALKED me at the game.How about STALKING Facebook from my real Classmate in College and adding them although they dont even know you!only to get more Info about me.And making new FB that always Inviting me to add? Thats the reason I BLOCKED you.Btw, You was the one who DELETED me on Eclipse Group.

STALK is STALK either its in Game or in Real Life.And btw I got scared that You mention STALKER in real life to be murdered.You place your alt anywhere thats why even we AFK in so far away you can follow us and AFK there?What is it?To get coins from us?Our Char dont shower lot of coins you know cuz its always used.

About Inan ,I was not taking advantage to it.Its only Personal you know and I dont like to give you more Info about him.If you like to know him more why dont you ask HIM yourself than asking me.

And lastly Ephy, yeah I was BITTER that a what FRIENDSHIP we got ended like this. And the reason why I dont pm you cuz I dont like talking to you in pm anymore after what Damage was done.

This is my last post to this TOPIC.I hope I did Explain myside.
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PostSubject: Re: Reply To iEphy`s Post That has been deleted!   Thu Nov 15, 2012 6:58 pm

Very Happy Popcorn and Softdrinks anyone?
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PostSubject: xddd   Thu Nov 15, 2012 11:18 pm

I join jack ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Reply To iEphy`s Post That has been deleted!   Fri Nov 16, 2012 3:36 am

:face:me too Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Reply To iEphy`s Post That has been deleted!   Fri Nov 16, 2012 12:09 pm

I seen both their sides and i figured this is all about broken friendship, trust, accusations, and most important thing is... PAST!

You both can try to move on, the world doesn't revolve for 2 people or 3 only.

If u lost the friendship then find new ones or like in math, find the root and solve the problem. The results are not always positive, sometimes negative.

There's no sense continuing this argument coz u will just be hurt in the end.

Personal lives should be respected no matter what reasons you have. Secrets and lies are part of human nature so we cant avoid it... Even Gods have secrets, Pinocchio lies even if his nose gets longer...

To Haze and Ephy: Please refrain from hurting each other more, remember that your friends are connected. The two of you hurting each other will cause chain reaction to your friends....

I will give you all a final warning, NO MORE FIGHTING... PLEASE! May this be the last time i'll break my rules and not punish you because i understand ur situation.

Thanks and may you all be enlightened....

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PostSubject: Re: Reply To iEphy`s Post That has been deleted!   

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Reply To iEphy`s Post That has been deleted!
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