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 OK Im back again! @%***!!

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OK Im back again! @%***!! Empty
PostSubject: OK Im back again! @%***!!   OK Im back again! @%***!! Icon_minitimeWed Oct 17, 2012 6:15 am

As duty calls me, I will again serve Anonimity.

I have banned all those who left Anonimity and they will not be reaccepted unless the decision comes from higher authority such as RLA.

I know these people who left are bored without PK as they claimed.

But this is not just about boredom, there is a hidden agenda behind this that we haven't seen yet.

I pity those who got blinded and got carried away from such convincing powers of some people. But this is the sad truth that people aren't satisfied on what they have and what others did for them.

As you all know, I left this guild to be handled by YagamiLighto(momoy). Whatever he do to this guild should be respected and not be used as a ground to revolt and drag others to whatever purpose is planned.

I have never left and just observed what is happening so i can see the real Anonimity at heart. I know these people planned to leave guild and I am not as dumb as they think =) Actually I played along and tested the loyalty of people in here.

Anyway, if the goal is true that this is just for PK, then I'm happy for Eclipse. However, since this objective was not informed to Anonimity leaders, I would call it an act of treason.

So as my final words to those who are here to stay, let's fight hand in hand and have fun. Stop the internal differences in this guild once and for all and avoid making unnecessary arguments which leads to hate between one another. Some people in here still hating others but dont let your emotions overrun friendship in this guild and cause another splitting. Guild is being divided little by little caused by hatred and simple arguments which leads to more hatred. HATRED HATRED HATRED! Try to relax and have fun... PLEASE!!

OK Im back again! @%***!! A2
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OK Im back again! @%***!!
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