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 Inactive Letter

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PostSubject: Inactive Letter   Inactive Letter Icon_minitimeSat Sep 22, 2012 12:04 pm

Dear Anonimity,
Greetings! It's been awhile since i played this game and be part of this guild. It made me more active in any activities and even give me a courage and inspiration to boost up and upgrade my character and not to think much with apparels as i usually do in the past. But time is so dynamic that i have to make a realistic decision. Recently i passed the nursing board exam which i didn't expect that much (thanks to God) and because of that i have to give up my "active spirit" in the game and start to boost up my real world. Soon i'll be busy with my nurse training somewhere in the Philippines and i am afraid that i might have no laptop with me nor internet. Because of this matter, i am informing you all that i will say "i'll take a break" for now. This is not yet the end nor a goodbye because i know within myself i cannot leave this game ever! even if most of the time i would say it is boring! Very Happy well so much of the talking...to sum it up i'll be inactive in the game and most probably the person who can log my character is cdicple1 <3 Smile Smile

ciao! i will miss you all! and Very Happy congrats to those who hate me Razz i'll no longer be around ^^ lolz lol!

UrMine Sad
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Inactive Letter
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