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 [IMPORTANT][Must Read] Abbadon 9

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[IMPORTANT][Must Read] Abbadon 9 Empty
PostSubject: [IMPORTANT][Must Read] Abbadon 9   [IMPORTANT][Must Read] Abbadon 9 Icon_minitimeTue Sep 04, 2012 3:01 am

We have been trying to get past Kuroo for a while now, every time we almost make it but fail to kill it fast enough to enter abbadon-10 and above, why? because we are not prepared enough, we are not organized,blah blah not to mention the lag most of us experience...

So, Lets prepare more and organize better Wink
In conversations with A we discussed a few things that will considerably improve our chances-

1- GWS(Great White Shark)
For those of u who dont know what that is, its 'the' ship with the greatest attack damage in game. All SVs please buy this and level it, be warned- it dies faster than eagle, be more careful. You can buy this at the thundoria harbor ship builder.

2- Positioning
Now this is something new right? Right. The idea here is simple(but only a theory).What we normally do is we get some buffs and heals for our ships and look for kuroo algae/lightning/attack it. Now u can do all that here as well except that all SVs stay at the NORTH of Kuroo so when ever kuroo gets off algae its gonna move slightly to the north, and intime hopefully(by any chance) reach the north wall(138,42) close enough for our land forces to lend some help 8-) Set cords to (138,42) after u enter abbadon 9.

3- Manu Lv1
to use manu lv1( impaler,penetrator,flamer ) u need to unlock invent first so, keep a lot of mystic locks in ur invent.. lock invent -> stealth -> unlock invent -> use manu ->lock invent again when stealth is about to go off
Those who do manufacturing please help here, to get ingredients- help each other.. blackwolf can help a lot here using his [hidden] to farm for endless hours, along with his army of [hidden]ers Razz

4- Stun(Algae) order
-Work in progress-
But what i can tell u right now is to NOT STUN WHEN ITS ALREADY STUNNED. If your algae is ready... wait for kuroo to move, then algae it.

5- Use Seatweak
Hull repair, Food gen, stealth works (on all seatweaks) as long as your invent is locked. Atm we dont know how to make offensive manu tweaks so have to do with this.

And to add further....

-Focus on killing kuroo, keep the chatting down untill its finished Smile comments are ok so are requests like "buff" "heal" "wer gonna make it" "im dead" "kuroo hp?" etc are ok too i guess

-Keep your Boat Buffed, it helps since normal shots is a major source of damage for now

-Bring multiple SVs if u can handle it, you can keep all the extra svs at harbor- when ur sv die.. u can bring the next one ^^

I think this is all i remember now and i hope we do better for next Kuroo, please ask your other guildmates to read this...

thank you,
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[IMPORTANT][Must Read] Abbadon 9
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