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 Rule Number 4 (Anti-Hack/Scam/Spy)

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Rule Number 4 (Anti-Hack/Scam/Spy) Empty
PostSubject: Rule Number 4 (Anti-Hack/Scam/Spy)   Rule Number 4 (Anti-Hack/Scam/Spy) Icon_minitimeThu Aug 23, 2012 6:33 am

Do Not share your Account(s).

In game it's ur choice I cant avoid sharing but ur risk and once hacked, u seffer the pain of being removed in guild.

In this forums it is Forbidden to share Accounts.

Do not go to links other than this forum or official IGG sites!

Do not share your equipments.

Anyone found guilty will suffer the following sanctions.

1. Removal of forum account - this means you no longer can post/view anything in this forum. This will also mean you cannot anymore get shares in BD. After 2 weeks you can create a new Forum Account but when you are found guilty once more, you will suffer the 2nd sanction.

2. Removal from Anonimity Guild. This will be indefinite until we proven that you no longer share anything to anyone.

Rule Number 4 (Anti-Hack/Scam/Spy) A2
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Rule Number 4 (Anti-Hack/Scam/Spy)
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